Is a cover letter critical to your job application?

Many job vacancies can see you pitted against dozens of competitors for your desired position. Regrettably many applicants fall short when they supply a generic and bland covering letter that lacks inspiration and energy – attempting to rely on the résumé as the sole information source for prospective employers.

A common mistake, but easily fixed. Applicants need to excite an employer about your suitability for the role. Developing an effective, sharp and position relevant covering letter is often the first step in getting your résumé considered. A good covering letter tells an employer you understand the role they are seeking to fill, and you know why your skills and experience will be right for the position. Too often candidates supply a form-style covering letter that does little to persuade an employer that you have taken the time to understand their requirements, their corporate culture and how you would address relevant aspects of the job if selected. A poorly worded and irrelevant cover letter can have a serious detrimental effect on your application.

At Résumés 4 Success we understand the need to make your entire application responsive and attractive to get onto the shortlist. Most of our résumé packages include a specific cover letter as part of the project. We tailor the letter to ensure that the requirements of the role are addressed and build an expectation as to why they should look further and review your résumé as well. In most cases we aim to keep the letter short, yet instructive. We incorporate and link your skills to the employers’ requirements and tell them exactly why your application should be favourably considered. When getting your résumé professionally prepared, we highly recommend you ask us about drafting an appropriate covering letter for you – to maximise your opportunity and build favourable consideration for the position.


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