A great Résumé includes much more under the hood than just your career history.

Any company hiring a new employee will be investing considerably more money in you than they would be spending on purchasing a new luxury car. For an employer to know who the best person for any job is, they will make a judgement call based on your résumé, and your presentation at an interview.

However, to get that elusive interview, you need to have matched the prospective employer’s requirements with the documentation you have sent in and you need to have demonstrated you are better than your competition. In other words, your résumé becomes the key selling brochure about you – just like any other competitive product consideration.

An appropriate and deliberated presentation of your skills and capabilities is far more important than who you have worked for. In a candidate rich environment, what will distinguish you from many other applicants with similar experience? Does your résumé indicate, without words, the type of salary you would attract? Does it demonstrate your ability to lead or to manage change?

At Résumés 4 Success, we focus on your capabilities identifying “Who you are”, “What you do” and “How you do it”. We provide your information in a friendly and professional manner, by appropriately aligning your key and possibly unique selling proposition.

Our single aim is to inspire an employer to give you a call and invite you to an interview.

There are many résumé companies, and online templates that offer little more than a fancy presentation format and a template of industry buzz or catch words. Unfortunately, using these imitations are not going to identify your key capabilities in a commercially competitive environment. A skilled and professional service utilising professional writers with extensive knowledge of your career and industry is the only way to ensure you will be presented in the best possible light, and your résumé stands out from the crowd.

A well drafted and targeted résumé is your No. 1 career progression tool and you should always have it ready for any opportunity that comes along. We have all heard the expression “being in the right place at the right time”, from people explaining away other’s success – but what it really tells us is by being ready for such an opportunity you can take advantage of life’s opening doors. Creating your own “luck” is better than just being lucky.

Investing in a quality résumé may be the smartest thing you can do to be job-ready and in a position to take advantage of career opportunities when they come along.


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