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Selection Criteria

Large corporations and Government agencies often require you to address specific Selection Criteria as part of an application. These documents are designed to distil your qualifications, experience and skills enabling a selection panel to cut down a ‘short list’ of proposed interviews.

Normally a long process, crafting a Selection Criteria document is a specialist skill set. At Resumes 4 Success, our trained consultants have the knowledge in understanding the level of expectation that most Government Departments are seeking. Our experienced consultants are adept in drawing out the information from you to create a response that will give you a better chance at getting on that 'short-list'.

With each selection criteria response, you need to provide demonstrated and clear examples to ensure that you maximize your selection to the next shortlist stage for interview. In order for us to assist you in reformatting and providing a very specific professional response, we require the following information prior to commencement of our services:

  • Copy of your current Resume
  • Example to address each selection criteria (as much detail as you have for us to reformat)