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Often part of an application for a higher management position or board application, profiles are a ‘single page’ brief of your skills, history and reputation. A well prepared profile can assist in bringing your personality to life, as employment decisions can be partly based on an emotional response to how an applicant uniquely portrays themself. Our consultants aim to generate positive emotional responses from your experience and history, adding that extra dimension to your professional identity.

Resumes 4 Success are also adept at writing profiles for business journals, trade business shows, sponsorship profiles, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and other advertising mediums that may enhance your own business opportunities and clientele.

We have various profile services designed to suit your precise needs and listed below is a selection of our profiles.

Personal Profiles

Personal Profiles are an excellent way for you to be able to sum up a career in a powerful one page document to attract new clients or take the next step in your career. Every profile is unique, with a highly personalised text and layout put together by our team of specialist writers and graphic designers. A Personal Profile includes a short text describing you, sums up your key strengths and areas in which you excel and would add value to the company or client you are approaching. Additionally, a Personal Profile typically will include a summary of your key industry achievements, qualifications and career history. If you are looking for a fresh approach to selling yourself in your industry, a Personal Profile is the right choice for you.

Executive Profiles

Executive Profiles are for those who are leaders in their field. You will receive a highly individualised document crafted by one of our senior consultants, with the layout and a personal logo designed by one of our graphic design team. These profiles are an excellent way for you to communicate a whole career of achievements in one page, and will typically include a summary of your personal strengths, an outline of your key industry achievements, a panel of clients served and a summary of your qualifications and career history. We have had extensive positive feedback from CEOs, Company Directors, Management Executives and Senior Consultants who have found these documents invaluable for purposes such as applying for board positions and other upper management roles, as well as for networking events and meetings with potential new clients.

Business Services Profile

A Business Services Profile is a great way to introduce your services and products to potential clients. In one page we will highlight what sets you apart from your competitors, what specific solutions you can provide, as well as summarise the key attributes of your team or director. These documents incorporate highly personalised writing and layout, utilising your businesses logo in the final design. We can also accompany these documents with a letter of introduction if needed. If you are an up and coming business our team of designers can also create a brand new business logo you can use for all of your branding needs.